A better life

by The Starkwells

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Grabado por Ismael Piñera en los Estudios Velús en agosto de 2013. Fotografía de portada cortesía de Javier Collado Valle


released October 17, 2013

Javier Miramontes, voz y guitarra.
Nel González, voz y bajo.
Mario Recio, batería, percusión y coros.
Ismael Piñera, guitarra y teclados.




The Starkwells Gijón, Spain

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Track Name: Believe
I´ believed it yesterday
It´s not real but it´s so great
When I´m thinking about you
All is off and I feel fine

I believed it yesterday
Feel like honey blowing ice
Lookin´ deep into your eyes
Something makes me feel alive

I believed it yesterday
Is not real but it´s so great
When I´m thinking about you
All is burning on my mind

Every night the same story
You were not collapsing my mind
Track Name: Look out
I wake up in the morning
gonna waste some time
what do you say?
what do you say?

I dreamt with you last night
and it was very nice
open your mind
open your mind

I'm walking in the evening
I'm looking the trees
what do you mean?
what do you mean?

I Think all you need
is a broken T.V.
what do you pay?
what do you pay?
Track Name: Conspiracy
Please, darling,
I don´t like wasting time

Here, darling,
Is anybody outside?

Please, sweetie,
I can understand

I´m conspiracing to the universe

Hey, honey,
Wait a minute, please

I feel like an atom
Swimming in the sea
Last week I was better
When you were
Sleeping on my side

And a tear in my eye
Makes me remind
You´re not here
And I´m alone
Nights are hard
And days are strong
Since some weeks I can´t laugh
Now our flat is not yet our home
Track Name: BD
you can touch me you can leave me
take all my time
you can pay me you can hate me
please, take all my money

I think it's another day
there are some words to say
I think it's another day
there are some games to play

hate me, powerpop!
Track Name: Better Life
I live in a city with no hugs and without money
I live in a city where people cry at devils in ties
I live in a city where everybody shouts at doors
I live in a city where everybody fights like dogs

I will flee far away from here

Leaving fast to get a better life